woo (iidx_girl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about Lubricants

Hi everyone,

My partner and I have never used lubricants before, but we think it's about time to give it a shot. Does anyone know any good ones that warms, tastes good (or at least is tasteless), lasts a long time, and isn't sticky or requires clean-up?

I've used a lubricant one other time before, and I can't remember what it is, but during my after-sex-shower, I would manage to scoop out these really weird, like, leftovers from the lube. I want to avoid that, too...any idea what causes that?

I've looked at KY intense, but I read a lot of bad reviews about it. Any suggestions would be awesome, and I'll immediately get some/try it out because I think it really is worth another shot!
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