thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another OH NO birth control problem

OOPS! I accidentally dropped and then lost my pill today in a gross/dark parking lot! This is the first time this has happened to me in a few years and definitely the first time it's ever happened to me with a triphasic pill (ortho tri cylen lo). I just took the next pill in the pack, which was the last of this particular color. (So tomorrow would have been the last of this color, but I took it today) Now, should I just continue with the next color, or should I see if I can track down my next month and just take one of the same colored pills from that? That seems like such a waste of that month (and $25).

If I just decide to skip tomorrow, or continue straight through with the knowledge that I will be one pill short this month, how long do we need to use condoms? A week? Or for the rest of this cycle?

I totally thought I had this BC thing down, but this triphasic stuff is really messing with me!
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