chocolateteeth (chocolateteeth) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC Options and Bad Reactions

Hi everyone.

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated with my situation right now. I've finally just stopped taking birth control completely and my partner and I have been abstaining from sex.

I've been using HBC from various brands for about two years now, and each one has given me some sort of awful symptom. The worst and most frequent is a constant burning and itching sensation in my bits, both internally and externally.

I've been to the doctor many times, and I've been prescribed creams to help with the discomfort.

My main issue is that I need birth control to prevent pregnancy. Condoms, of course, are an option, but my partner and I don't enjoy sex as much with them.

Unfortunately, my cervix is too small for a copper IUD. I even went through the experience of my doctor attempting to insert it. Yaz didn't give me the same symptoms, but it did give me a very frightening blood clot scare.

Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms with birth control? The burning and itching? If so, is there a type of HBC that you've tried that has worked? Not specifically a brand, but certain progestin/estrogen balances?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated!
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