chipie (chipie) wrote in vaginapagina,

irritation of the vulva


For the past week, my vulva (and surrounding area) has been irritated.  It feels almost as though I have a few cuts around the vagina and anus.  I haven't had any odd discharge or smells or any other symptoms.   At this point it's not hurting, but for a few days it was really uncomfortably irritated and slightly painful.

This same thing happened once a few months ago, and it eventually went away on its own.  And something similar happened when I first started being sexually active, and I assumed it was my vagina/vulva adjusting.  But it's never happened around the anus so I'm a bit concerned about that.

I'm currently on antibiotics for malaria prevention (but took my last one yesterday!), making me wonder if it's a yeast infection.  But a few months ago when this first happened I wasn't on the malaria meds yet.

Also, I have an Mirena which might be impacting this somehow.

Does anyone have any idea what's happening?  Do I need to see a doctor or should I just wait to see if it goes away on its own like last time (especially considering I'm finally done the antibiotics)?


edit: Just thought I would add that both times, this happened right after I started having intercourse after not having sex for a while.  So it could also be related to having intercourse, I imagine.
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