Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Misoprostol Question

I'm scheduled to get Essure tomorrow. Originally, the procedure was scheduled for 9:30am. I got a call this morning pushing it back to 3:30pm.

Which brings me to my question: I have 2 doses of misoprostol I'm supposed to insert to soften my cervix -- one pill the night before and one "1 upon waking in the morning, or 2 to 4 hours prior" to the procedure. Made perfect sense when the procedure was in the morning, but now "upon waking" and "2 to 4 hours prior" are not exactly the same thing.

  1. Does the specific time even matter that much?

  2. If so, when should I take it?

I've already called my doctor and am waiting to hear back from the office. I've also spoken with my pharmacist, who was unfamiliar with this specific situation and, considering that the prescribing instructions were now ambiguous, referred me back to my doctor.
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