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Sore Nipples...

Greetings, for the last 4 days my nipples have been sore and more tender then usual to the touch! This is starting to get on my nerves for it is disrupting intimacy with my boyfriend and my sleep! I have woken up several times in the course of the night due to them hurting!! I have only had sore nipples like this once before, but it only lasted a I did not think much of it!

I am currently on the birth control pill and my last period came and went like clockwork, it ended on the 16th and seemed pretty normal for me. I have not missed any pills either! Since being on the pill my breasts have been a little more on the sensitive side, which from my understanding this is normal and it is listed as a common side effect...Though being more sensitive, they have never been sore like this accept for that one other time!

I have lost weight though, I started a diet back in January and have dropped almost 40 pounds!! I was 231 pounds when I started and now weight 192/193 pounds. Could my weight loss have something to do with it?! I know weight can play a role when it comes to hormones! One reason I was put on the pill was, when I was 231 pounds my periods were very heavy, irregular and the cramps were the pits. The pill helped to regulate my periods and they became much lighter! Since dropping the weight my periods are starting to get heavy again...

What can be making my nipples hurt?! I can't take it anymore!!

Yes, I do have a GYN appointment but it is not until the 23rd...

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