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Sex After Period Ends Causing Bleeding

My vagina just refuses to behave. So, I'm back. Again.


A couple weeks ago I discovered that I'd left my Nuva Ring in an extra week (during my usual withdrawal week) due in large part to general confusion caused my moving. No biggie, I decide to leave it in that 4th week, and then just switch it with a new ring during my usual insert time, the way people do when they want to skip a period.

Only three days before I was due to switch, I got a period anyway, despite being on the ring. This is clearly because some higher power hates me, but that's neither here nor there. The point is I had a period that lasted about 5 days, and I switched my Rings out during the normal time.

So having been period-free for a few days now, the boyfriend and I decided to engage in pretty standard, intimacy related activities last night. And by standard, I mean nothing kinky or creative really - just the same type of intercourse we've been having for three years. However, when we were done I noticed there was blood on the bed. This has never happened before, not even during our first romp.

So I figure that maybe it's just leftover blood from my cycle that we just "cleared out" essentially. But an hour later I put in a pantyliner because I was still getting fresh streaks of bright red blood. Finally last night I put in a tampon just to be safe. I pulled it out about 6 hours later and it was streaked with a fair amount of fresh blood too, though it was by no means full. So far this morning it's been only streaks, but I'm bracing myself for finding more later on.

So I really don't have any idea what's going on. Is this just spotting brought on by sex, or did the sex just restart my period? Or is this just my body reacting because of strange circumstances that my previous menstruation too place under?

Any help would be more than appreciated.
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