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Nervous about "missed" pill

Hokay, I hate that I have to ask this, and I think I already know the answer, but I need to ease my mind a bit.

Last Friday, an hour or so after taking my pill (not entirely sure if it was an hour or 2 hours after), I ended up getting sick. This pill was the 2nd to last in my pack before my placebo week started. (I'm on Ocella, if it makes a difference.) I took my Saturday pill at my regular time. Tuesday night, I had (some really amazing) unprotected sex with the guy I'm seeing. He came inside me a bit (slight position mishap prevented him from fully finishing in me, but the first...spurt?...came out in me). Wednesday afternoon we did it again and he came inside me.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be too worried about this whole thing, but I'm waiting for my withdrawal bleed to start, and it hasn't yet. It usually starts on Wednesday evening. Now, sometimes it likes to wait until the middle of the night or early Thursday morning, so I know I shouldn't freak out yet. But I'm not having cramps like I normally do. I have had other symptoms I usually get the week before I bleed - mood swings, sore boobs, tiredness. I know it's a long shot, but...I guess I'm looking for someone ELSE to tell me not to worry, my protection wasn't compromised, or chances are slim-to-none that I ovulated. I know that missing one pill doesn't generally require back-up protection; however, I'm confused as to whether that applies to completely missing a pill, or just forgetting to take one for a day and then taking 2 the next. (Does that make sense?)

Bottom line: should I be worried about the potentially un-ubsorbed pill I took Friday?

Thanks a bunch everyone. I love this community, it is absolutely amazing.
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