lostonapath (lostonapath) wrote in vaginapagina,

im afraid that i have herpes

i am ridiculously scared of whether i have an std or not.

i got a brazilian wax last wednesday and it was sore afterwards but i let it pass because it was soon after my period. but the discomfort continued, so i looked down there and i noticed bumps on only the right side of my labia. theres about 4 of them and they`re the size of pimples. they are normal color but grey in the center. they`re sensitive but they don`t hurt.

as far as my sexual experience, i`m 22 years old and have been with 2 partners. for my first partner, i was his first and only. i`m my current partners third but he was tested. so either way i`m pretty sure they`re in the clear. so if i have it, its from waxing.

after researching, if i do have an std, it seems like it would be herpes but im not really sure.

can you even get a std through waxing? cause i feel that it is the only way i could have gotten it.

or is my skin just irritated from the wax.

thank you guys so much!
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