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Strange painful bumps

This could come out sounding dumb because I'm not very vagina informed, however I know most people here are. So here goes, about 2 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain and the left, lower side of my vagina was extremely swollen and also the opening seemed like it had a cut and was extremely painful. I had to pour cool water at the same time I would pee but even then I would literally scream in pain. I told my doctor I suspected I had a yeast infection for the millionth time so she prescribed diflucan. Well this week the swelling has gone down completely but sex is still really painful and I know have pretty small bumps on the inside of the opening (what I call the pocket). Basically if I was to put my finger in the lips and go straight down instead of inside thats where the bumps are. Not on the labia but the inside of the perenium (sp?) This probably sounds dumb but its freaking me out.
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