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D-Mannose for UTIs?


I have had recurrent UTIs triggered by sex and I normally take Solaray CranActin chewables daily for prevention [from Whole Foods] and I have had good luck with that [as well as peeing after sex, drinking lots of fluids, no alcohol or caffeine, etc]. In the past I have used uva ursi with mixed results. I have cleared a few UTIs with it but the last time I used it, I ended up with a kidney infection and the worst back pain I have ever experienced. I am weary to ever rely on that as a cure again. I recently got an herbal tea mix of uva ursi, horsetail and skullcap that I haven't used enough to give much feedback on, but so far has been positive [it is now available for purchase online: Pees of Ease tea from Old City Remedies}.

For the first time I am trying D-Mannose as a natural remedy. I bought Clear Tract powder and took as directed, one scoop dissolved in water every 2-3 waking hours. For women who can't stand cranberry, this is a great alternative because it's basically a powdered sugar, and it barely has taste in a glass of water. The pain went away but I had the feeling the UTI was still going on. I finished the three days the package recommends, and woke up this morning to awful, first-day type UTI pain, pressure and urgency to pee [with nothing to pee of course]. I took more powder and it's holding me over, but I luckily found an old Bactrim script I was given has a refill left so I am going to take that. Otherwise, I don't have health insurance so I have to get to Planned Parenthood or a walk-in clinic and pay out of pocket for a pee test just to get a script.

Has anyone else had any experiences to share concerning using D-Mannose powder or Clear Tract specifically? It seems the consensus is that natural methods are best for prevention but once a UTI is clearly happening, antibiotics are the only thing that will get rid of it once and for all.
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