Elizabeth (otakuastra) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI in Japan... joy

Today I got the worst UTI I have ever had, which I'm pretty sure was caused by holding my pee through a three-hour presentation (I had also had some coffee before this... stupid, I know).

The complication in my case is that I am currently in Japan. It is my first full day here and I don't speak Japanese, at least not enough to get through a doctor visit on my own. I am here on the JET program, which has a very good support system, and so I was able to have someone go with me to the hotel clinic and the pharmacy to translate and get me a urine test and some medication.

I have two questions. The first is about the amount of blood in my urine. When I took the test it wasn't really visible (though the test did pick up on it), but it gradually became more and more noticeable, until my urine was basically a light red. I just peed again and it was a lighter pink, which is good, but when people DO talk about blood in the urine during a UTI (I've never had it), I always got the impression that they were talking about very trace amounts, and this scares me. Should I be concerned? I'd really like to be reassured that it will get better now that I have antibiotics (and that I won't have to endure the embarrassment of having my hand held through another doctor visit in a language I don't understand), but if this is serious, I want to know :(

Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the medications I was given, or has any suggestions for pain relief readily available in Japan (I've always taken Azo in the past but no one seemed to know what I meant when I described it). I'm a little worried because I've heard a lot of talk about how Japanese medications aren't as strong. The antibiotic is called Kurabitto, three 500mg tablets, and the painkiller is Rokusonin, 60mg (both the names are written in katakana).

Thank you so much for any help.... it's been a taxing day :(

EDIT: It's back to trace amounts, so I suppose I just posted out of panic without waiting for it to get better, but for all I knew I could have been waiting for it to get worse, so I'm glad I posted. Thanks for the answers! I know my second question is more of a long shot but if anyone has any insight that would be very welcome :)
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