. (pseudofire) wrote in vaginapagina,

leg pain

This is kind of an odd question but I'm not sure where else to ask. I have been dealing with intermittent, sharp pain in my left calf for about two years. When I first began experiencing the pain I was concerned that it may be a possible blood clot because I smoked as well as used yaz. I went to the doctor who checked my leg, ankle, and foot and was told that the pain was not due to a blood clot but rather progesterone. I thought this was an odd explanation but accepted and haven't sought treatment for the problem since. Last night I had a particularly bad episode where the pain was very intense and felt as though it was coming from deep inside my calf. It just so happened that I also started my period yesterday and now I am wondering if the onset of a period can cause such pain.

In addition to this random calf pain I also have episodes where I feel as though cold drops of water are being sprinkled on my extremities, usually my leg. I spoke with a different doctor about this issue who said that it was just a tactile hallucination and that I shouldn't be too concerned about it (I have other mental health issues). I'm wondering if these two issues are related or are best explained by the original doctor's idea regarding progesterone.

So has anyone heard of progesterone being related to leg pain? Does anyone else experience this?
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