Jess (moshfloorkiller) wrote in vaginapagina,

advice on open relationships

i've been seriously considering an open relationship with my fiance, and have even brought it up briefly with him before, but i was quick to dismiss it out of fear. we've been together nearly 4 years and everything about our emotional relationship is wonderful. we both love each other very much and are very committed to each other.
long story short; i want to experience sex with other men, as my fiance is the only person i've ever slept with. he's slept with other girls before me, so i'm not sure how open he'll be to an open relationship.
my main fear is destroying our wonderful emotional relationship over this. the last thing i want is for my fiance to feel like i love him less for wanting sex from other men. i'd be okay with him having sex with other women as well. it would be a hard thing to wrap my head around and may even upset me at first, but i would want to be fair to him. i'm also terrified about not wanting sex with him after having it with others.

can anyone give me any advice on this? personal experience? to be entirely honest, up until recently i've though open relationships were kind of pointless; why not just be single? but i'm starting to understand now that maybe a period of openness ( i don't plan on keeping our relationship open for too long) could maybe do our relationship some good.
any advice is appreciated!
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