oceanhotel (oceanhotel) wrote in vaginapagina,

pelvic ultrasounds, BV and firm/hard uterus?

i had my first pap/pelvic exam today. i have had heavy, long, irregular periods so i am going to be checked for fibroids or cysts. i just turned 21, btw.

now, my question is, i'm very skinny, has anyone ever had success with seeing the uterus and everything well without doing it transvaginally? i'm a virgin, and i am hoping they can see it abdominally. and if not, can someone there insert it for me carefully?

my gyno said i have a firm uterus which could mean that i have fibroids or something or it could be the way my uterus is naturally. does anyone else have a firm uterus without anything fibroids or growths?

she also said that i have BV. i have been having some sort of discharge for a while and some pressure, almost like urinary urgency but similiar. can pressure like that be a symptom of BV, i hope so because i've had it for a while and UTI's which caused me to worry when i felt pressure but urine tests were negative. the liquidy discharge and pressure are the only symptoms.
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