fl0e (fl0e) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bizarre pain: not cramps

I've debated posting this for a long time, cause I feel like a freak, having these odd pains..

Ever since I've been sexually active, roughly (about 5 years ago)  I'll get this..pain. It's very sporatic, which is why I didn't worry about it for such a long time. I'd forget that I GOT these pains, they'd happen so infrequently, but now I can't deny their existence. It comes out of nowhere and starts off not too bad, but then gets worse and worse until I'm doubled over for a few seconds. Then it passes. The whole experience lasts maybe 10-15 seconds, tops. The pain is located deep inside me, very deep in. That's the best I can describe it. Maybe my cervix...? It's not quire sharp but just..painful. 

It hasn't gotten "worse" but it hasn't gotten better. 

Any ideas? Thanks, folks. :)
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