secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

Being referred for a colposcopy =( Terrified.

Hey VPers, I'm just looking for some reassurance basically...


I live in the UK and we're not entitled to smear tests on the NHS until age 25 here. I decided it was time for me to have my first smear test (age 22) so paid to have 1 done privately.

The results came back mildly abnormal. I waited 3 months before having a repeat smear, and this time the results have come back as mildly-moderately abnormal and I'm being referred to have a colposcopy.

I am absolutely terrified. The nurse explained that this is a preventitive treatment and that I am not sick. However, I feel so unattractive and feel as though I am sick, just for having the 2 'abnormal' smears. Have any of you had colposcopys? Should I be scared? Does laser treatment hurt etc? Any advice/stories are welcome. xxx

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