oopsiedaisies7 (oopsiedaisies7) wrote in vaginapagina,

Woman with didelphys conceives in both uteri!

I was just looking at the headlines on my local news network's website, and I found this story from Utah:

A woman with two uteri has conceived a fetus in each uterus, and the fetuses are developmentally about a week apart. I learned about the condition a while ago and have since wondered if this ever happens...and I guess it does! I thought it was super cool (from a dorky-bio-major perspective) and thought I'd share!

The full account...

(I looked kinda quickly back through recent entries and didn't see it posted, but my schedule has been busy lately so I haven't been following VP as closely as I normally do, so I could have missed it! If I did, my apologies :) )
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