littletuxedomen (littletuxedomen) wrote in vaginapagina,

a late period..?

hallo VP-ers :)

just a few queries because my period is late yet again (an irregular cycle length really makes one freak out every month -.-) but i was just wondering what could've caused it:

- is it possible that starting regular exercise could've delayed a period? over the last month i started going to the gym 3-4 times a week, doing running and cycling and that sort of thing, but generally not terribly heavy exercise that could've caused amenorrhea in athletes. that's all that Google has turned up for me :( just that prior to this i haven't worked out in ... say.. 2 years? so i'm wondering if that could've affected it. as a result i've lost around 2kg this month-- not sure if that could've affected things!

- been cramping and having swollen boobs the last 3-4 days but no period is around 7 days late already. which has led me to consider the fact that i miiiight be pregnant BUT

- i honestly don't think so because the boyfriend and i have been using condoms consistently and there have been zero problems (ie, we try to get into perfect use rates -- condom on before any PIV contact, holding the base while pulling out, no observed holes or leakages..)

- and i went to the doctor for the birth control pill because a late period the past couple of months just adds a lot of unnecessary anxiety :/ he prescribed me Microgynon 30 and said i should start with it because it's the cheapest we have around here, but reading all the negative reviews on it makes me very uneasy about starting it. i'm just starting to take good care of my body with exercise and whatnot and i'm terrified that i will gain weight and bloat on it.... so should i go back and ask for a different prescription for, say, Yasmin? (which i read contains a diuretic)

SO.... long story short:

1. have any of you VP-ers started exercise and had a late period, but had all the PMS symptoms beforehand..? or should i be worried about pregnancy..? (i've only had sex 3 times this month, all with a condom and zero problems so i'm thinking it's unlikely.. but..)

2. any positive reviews on Microgynon 30? or any advice that could just get me started on the pill without all the anxiety about the possible side effects..?

Thank you so much in advance, everyone :)
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