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Not sure if this is allowed but an update for those who were wondering.

Hey loves. I posted a few weeks ago about my boyfriend's refusal to perform oral sex on me. If you don't remember this, just skip over this entry, if you please. I just wanted to let everyone know how it went, because I did discuss it with him. We were joking around in his car and I was teasing him about something or another and he goes 'Yeah, well you can suck it!' in response to one of my antics. So I say 'Yes, well, as long as you're not blowing me, I'm not blowing you.' So it sort of escalated into a talk about it. He said the reason he doesn't give me oral now is because everytime I ask about it all he can think about is the other guy giving me oral and he said it makes him sick. He said he also loved me at that point when everything happened with that guy. So I said 'Well, you wouldn't give it to me even before you found out about what happened with him'. And he said 'I would've done it if you had asked me to.... You said you hated getting eaten out.' Then I realized I had told him that I disliked having oral sex performed on me. I had said it about a two years ago when we first started seeing each other. My ex didn't really know his way around a clit, so I became disinterested in the entire idea of cunningluss. 

TL;DR: He doesn't seem like such an asshole to me for not giving me oral, because I told him in the first place that I didn't enjoy it. [Eeek!]

Anyways, he is focusing more on me now. Last night we were getting intimate and he had expressed a desire to have anal, so we started making out, and he was about to lube himself up when I whispered in his ear '...You don't think you're going to get anal without doing anything to me first do you?' and he realized that I was serious about the whole needing-to-please-me aspect of our relationship, so he fingered me and payed attention to me for a while before anal:) It made me really happy because I *hope* now that he learns that he can't really get something for nothing anymore. Although it is nice to give without expecting anything in return, it was getting rather old. Thank you girls again for all the wonderful advice, I really do appreciate it! 
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