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Hemorrhoids and Painful sex?

For quite a few months, OI had suspected hemorrhoids or anal fissures, but did not get them examined. My symptoms were: pain with BMs/after BMs, itching after BMs, and sometimes a little blood from a tear.

Most of the symptoms are totally gone, except that I'll wipe, and a few hours later, feel sweaty down there, and wipe again and have very little on the TP, but enough to make me go, HMM...

I use witch hazel to help, and have been trying to keep sweat away!

Now, I have made a link...

When having sex, I have a pain upon entry. Not in my vaginal opening, but in my cervix. It feels like my pelvic bone is too tight, and after a minute, i'm okay. I can only have sex with me on top, though.

Now I'm thinking: maybe constipation/hemorrhoids/whatever are causing this pain? 
What's the likelihood?

I called my gyno and she scheduled an ultrasound for the pain, but I didn't make this association until now, and I think maybeI should get it checked out.

Who do I consult with for anal issues? They have mostly subsided, so maybe I should try home remedies for now?
And if I have to go to the gyno, how should I phrase it so that I ask for an exam, not a pelvic ultrasound?

What would you do?
Sorry for the questions, I'm confused and nervous.
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