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No luck searching- TTC and irregular period q's?

My twin is TTC now and I will be TTC in a few months. We are both now off HBC and BC of any sort. We have very irregular cycles and want to know when we would be ovulating? We do get a period every month, but it can be anywhere between 22 and 40 days between them. I say it should still be around day 14 after you start your period, she thinks since we have long cycles, it is probably a different day. I checked Vulvapedia  and did a VP search, but didn't find what I was looking for. I know you can do BBT checks but don't know when/how, though I am sure there is something in Vulvapedia.

We want to give our egg(s) the best chance they can get!

Also- Does anyone know what we can do or have a website that has an ovulation calculator that allows for such fluctuations and/or will show more than one month at a time? Or will we have to rely on temp taking and cervical mucus checking?
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