DarkSerena (darkserena) wrote in vaginapagina,

Instead Cups

So my boyfriend and I are going to a gaming convention this weekend, and we booked a hotel for one of the nights. We're really excited, especially since we're in college and usually end up sharing a twin bed for sleeping/sex, and the hotel room has a king sized bed!

But of course I got my period today, which means I'll have it to at least Saturday/Sunday. Sadface. UNTIL I remembered that we were going to be near a CVS, and that they sell Instead cups.

So, my question is... Do these things take some getting used to? When first trying them, did any of you experience leaking? The bf is okay with the idea of period sex while using the cups, but we don't want to get the hotel sheets all a mess on accident!

I usually use tampons (OBs), so I'm new to the cup world. Any suggestions? We're going to give them a test run here at my dorm, but I'd still like to know what to expect.
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