bethany_109 (bethany_109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Increasing Breasts Size with Bras and Birth Control

Hi Friends! This one is about boobs.
Can anyone recommend a bra that will add a cup size but still look natural and round? Gel or water bra, preferably.
Padded bras look too artificial on me. They stick straight out and tend to be lumpy or pointy.
They also tend to show underwire through my clothing. Not sexy!
I don't want a push up bra! I could care less about cleavage and I don't want something that will squish my boobs all day.
It seems like all the water or gel bras are push-up, and this bothers me.

Also, I'm probably going on birth control later, which might solve my problem. Can you share your experiences with breast growth while on oral contraceptives? How much did they grow, how long did it take, was it temporary, etc.?

I know some haters must be thinking that I sound insecure or shallow. However, I'm only trying to restore my former bust-to-body ratio, since I've gained 15 lbs in the last 2 years and none of it has gone to my breasts. If your butt looked like mine, you would want C-cups, too!
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