s (puddleofglass) wrote in vaginapagina,

no orgasm because of weather, or --?

The past 4 or 5 times I've had PIV with my boyfriend, I haven't orgasmed. It's normal to "miss" an orgasm once in a while, but for me that many times in a row is strange. The sex is still awesome, I have the pre-orgasm build up (better, better betterrr---), but then I skip the orgasm and go straight into post-orgasm feeling, which means sure, his dick feels good and all, but it's a duller sensation and I'm too lazy to really enjoy it anymore. So even if he were to try to stimulate me otherwise, it'd be moot.

But nothing has been different the last few times, except the weather has been extremely muggy and sticky. But that can't be it, right, that's crazy!

My other guess is it's my subconscious. He's leaving in about a month for grad school, and we'll probably break up because of it. I do think about that a lot, but no more so in the past 2 weeks than usual. Anyway I wonder if I'm trying to "protect" myself by not "getting closer" to him through orgasm. (I know it doesn't make much sense, but work with me here ;] ) My conscious really wants to though, lol!!

I know there's no magic wand to give me back my orgasms, but I feel like even knowing why they've vanished would help me deal with it. Even hearing similar experiences might be nice. =)
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