Moralanqua (moralanqua) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC & Hirsutism


Am I on the wrong pill?

I am halfway through my first month on Dianette. I have confirmed PCOS but the real issue is Hirsutism - which I have baaad. Im a furry lassie and it is not attractive.  I asked my GP to prescribe me something that would help the fur growth and prevent babies taking up residence in my uterus on those days when I am inclined to ride my man-pony bareback.  GP prescribed Dianette. So far, it's made my spotty, wee bit of weight gain and tender boobage. Which I can live with BUT I think I am seeing a tiny increase in the hair, specifically facial. 

So I wondered what my options are. Should I be on something else as well? And according to this website -    Dianette is low doseage anti androgen.  WTF? So im on the weakest option?

What do you think? Should I switch to Yasmin or what? End of the day, controlling the fur is my top priority as it is spreading and I refuse to live in a cave. Then the no baby factor would be nice (just in case man-pony catches me on a fertile day).

Thank you for your opinions and advice! It is much appreciated .

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