Serenity Painted Death (p00r5lain_d0ll) wrote in vaginapagina,
Serenity Painted Death

Periods, birth control, and weight

Hello lovely VPers!  I come back once again laden with questions, but this time bearing a new offering - my ovaries!

I have always had irregular periods ever since I started (one to two a year, usually unbearably heavy and lasting a day or so), until I went on Microgynon 30 at the age of 18.   For four years I enjoyed regular periods (well, enjoyed may be a bit strong, but the novelty of being more clockwork than British Rail was unbridled).  I only experienced some weight gain when I started looking after myself and eating properly (had some problems with self-harm).  This weight gain suddenly took on mammoth proportions (hah!  see what I did there?) and I'm now unfortunately coasting at the top of my BMI.  I came off Microgynon for health reasons, in that a) I was borderline acceptable to be on it and b) I understood that it would be beneficial to take a break.  I ended up on Cerazette for a few months, but my periods disappeared entirely, and whilst I appreciated the contraceptive protection, not having periods, and having to take endless pregnancy tests (I can't pee under pressure, let alone into a cup) was taking it's toll.  

It's now been a year, and so far my body has naturally managed to give me four periods.  Am I too optimistic to think that my body has finally started healing itself after my years of self-harm, and that my metabolism may well kick in and thus all of my endeavours at a healthy lifestyle will end in weight-loss?  Has anyone else experienced this?  Essentially I would like to go back on some form of pill, but I don't want to screw around with things if I'm finally starting to come good.


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