that desperate bird (onooyes) wrote in vaginapagina,
that desperate bird

Self-conscious about breasts

Hi VP! It's swimsuit season and I'm in need of a little pep talk.

I lost a significant amount of weight a couple of years ago, and my breasts (never that large to begin with, but a solid B-cup at their biggest) almost completely vanished. They're very small and sort of low, not saggy exactly (the nips point up) but they sit kind of down on my chest. They also seem... empty to me, like they've been deflated. When I put on a B-cup bra, these titties only fill it up about half-way... :(

I'd be okay with itty bitties, except for the fact that I'm a bit barrel-chested due to scoliosis. I can't wear a small sized bathing suit top, because it won't stretch across my ribcage, but the bigger sizes show off my flatness pretty unrelentingly.

Even in the wonderful Everyday Bodies photos, I've never seen pictures of women with breasts like mine. Flat-chested ladies all seem to be equally petite all over, whereas I'm big around but very small in the cups.

Does anyone else in this lovely comm have similar tit issues or suggestions?
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