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you wanna wanga...?

Question about Pill-taking Schedule

Hi all - I have a question about the pill and the placebo period-pills. I'll put it below cut, but no really gorey details:

So I have been taking the pill pretty regularly for the past three years, but this cycle (I'm on the 28-day OrthoTriCyclin Lo) my period came early for the first in my 12 years of having a week early exactly.

So now I am faced with the situation where I have had my period while still taking my last week of hormonal pills. Once my period stops I am going to be on the 6 placebo pills. (What's also strange is that the period started right after my bf and I had sex...a little irksome :/ but I decided it's just coincidence, since this period has seen normal and lasted about 5-6 days so far.)

My question is: do I skip this week of placebo pills and start taking the next pack this sunday? Or do I continue taking the placebo pills regularly and start the next pack the following sunday? I'm just not sure if I am going to start ovulating early, while not taking the hormones, since my period came early.

Naturally it's hard to know what our bodies are doing at any moment...but what do you all do in this situation? I've never had this problem because I'm always extremely regular!

Thanks for any help! I'm just trying to be the safest I can possibly be for preventing pregnancy!

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