blushing ambition (_snowandlights) wrote in vaginapagina,
blushing ambition

Ovarian Cyst - Pain when eating?

So I spent 8 hours in the emergency room yesterday after 2 days of severe lower abdominal pain and ultimately found out that while it was not caused by appendicitis (thank god! No emergency surgery!), it was in fact caused by an ovarian cyst. They gave me some pain meds and sent me on my way telling me to make a follow up with my ob/gyn within the next 10 days and to just take it easy, etc.

The pain last night and into today has been much, much less severe, at times barely even hurting, which is awesome. My question is, though, is it normal for the pain to be greatly agitated by eating? I feel like even when I eat just a little bit, the pain gets aggravated and hurts a lot again. Are there any types of foods I can eat that would be less likely to make my belly hurt? I'm really hungry from only being able to eat a few bites at a time before being in agony!

Thanks ladies :)
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