laterforyou (laterforyou) wrote in vaginapagina,

Thank you!


I just wanted to say thank you to this community. A few months ago, I posted about not being able to have PIV sex with my boyfriend because I was so tight. I received so much support and advice from you guys, and it helped a lot. I spoke to my boyfriend about it, and although it seemed like he was getting frustrated before, after we talked, he turned out to be very understanding. We took everything very slowly, and after a couple months, we were finally able to have PIV sex. I'm still a little tight, but so far there hasn't been any pain...which makes me think we're doing something wrong, haha. There was the sudden shock of having something inside of me, but other than that, it hasn't really hurt at all. Is that normal?

Anyway, thanks again! This is a great community.

<3 LaterForYou
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