k h r (karenalot) wrote in vaginapagina,
k h r

queefing - not during sex?

i queef ALL THE TIME. even my boyfriend says i queef a lot-- it's not a self conscious thing. i think its totally funny (it's like farts except better) but i queef a lot, even when i'm not having sex. it's usually when i'm on my back, and my legs are up. i was just doing sit ups, and i queefed in spurts for a good 20 seconds.

luckily, i was at home. i love my queefs, but i'd like them to be less frequent. i'm guessing it's muscularly related. which muscles should i work on? i have trouble finding out which muscles are my PC muscles, also... whenever i feel like i do them, it feels like i'm relaxing my muscles as opposed to tightening them, so people tell me i'm doing them wrong.

is there any way to stop these incessant queefs?
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