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Aaaaand yet another "AM I PREGGERS?" question

I posted to amipregnent, but haven't gotten anything there, so I turn to you ladies, because my timeframe is kinda short.

Here's the scoop: I'm on Junel for about 7 months. My last period started June 21st, and it usually starts about a day or two after I start my off week. However, last month, as you may remember I doubled up one day on the pill, as in, I took two pills on day. I decided not to bother you all and thought it would be fine if I just extend my off week and start the new pack on regular schedule. The thing is, my periods have been really short since I've started taking the CVS brand Junel. No idea what the difference is. The packs I get from my university health center have iron placebo pills for the off week, these don't have any placebos.

(As a side note, I've noticed slight changes in my period and acne since I've started taking the new CVS brand packs. I'm also suspicious that they're making me more emotional, but that's possibly because I'm currently in an emotionally touch situation, so I can't really judge too well.)

ANYWAYS. I started the new pack on June 27th. I had unprotected sex with my bf on July 11th during which he came inside my vag. I'm supposed to start my next off week on July 18th, so I'm expecting my period on the 19th. Hopefully. Before we had sex I was religious with taking my pill at 10 pm on the dot since I started the pack. I'd already been two weeks into the new pack by the time we had sex. Does that at all protect me or did I potentially screw up by 'extending' the off week because I was short a pill in the previous pack 'cuz I took one too many on one of the days? 

I'm trying not to think about it too much, because I know if I start to panic, I can potentially stress myself to the point of potentially skipping the breakthrough bleeding. The other thing is, on the new packs, I've had hardly any bleeding whatsoever. As in, brownish discharge that's really light and only for a couple of days. If I was preggers, there wouldn't be anything at all, right? 

I don't have access to a pregnancy test. If my bf is coming to visit me next weekend and if you ladies think there's reason to be concerned, I'll ask him to bring one with him, but I'd obviously rather not freak either of us out if you think I'm in the clear.

I haven't experienced any symptoms of anything, but I know that doesn't usually come until later in the pregnancy, so that doesn't help me much. Please help me keep calm and not totally throw my period off by freaking out, thereby freaking myself out more. Thank you! 
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