The Wolf's Lair (airenwoodmoon) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Wolf's Lair

Sea Sponge Tampons- Tips and Tricks to Reduce Pain?

So I finally got my hands on some of the Sea Pears sponge tampons and I've been excited to try them out. Apparently I've been doing something wrong though, because they hurt a lot when I insert them.

The pain seems to be localized a couple inches inside, right around my pubic bone. If I push past the pain and get the sponge past that spot then everything's good. (I often feel like my vagina is a cavern past the prominent pubic bone.) But it still feels like I'm trying to shove steel wool up there.

I know my flow is light right now, but I used a lot of lube to try and help things and it didn't seem to make a difference at all. And with the Mirena my flow has gotten lighter and is very gooey/tacky, so I'm afraid that I'll never have a flow that will make things slippery enough. But lube should work anyway, right?

Is there something I'm overlooking? Anything I can do to get the pain to go away? Because of my issues with pain and sex anyway I don't want to try and push past this insertion pain all the time because I don't want to make my issues worse. But at the same time I really need something to catch the blood internally or my labia are in hell (and cups & tampons are out). Any ideas?

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