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Masturbation to Death

EDIT: As I have said, I posted this link because it made me think about Heart disease and abnormalities. The rising increase in heart disease and failure, I wanted to share that its important to keep your heart healthy as the rest of your body, because heart attacks and heart problems in general happen. In my experience, with working with people in and out of the medical field in most cases they had no idea there was a problem to begin with.

I just wanted to being it to attention. I'm not trying to scare anyone. I just read it and it made me think. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

First time poster, long time reader. 
I read this article this morning and thought of you lovely ladies. Being that I am a Medical Assistant, I'm always reading up on medical abnormalities and weird medical related things. I looked through days postings in the community and didn't see that anyone posted this so I figure I would to inform you of the importance of a healthy heart. I'm not preachy just I would not want this to happen to me no matter how happy I was at the time. LOL I hope you find this at interesting as I. If not its still a jaw dropping read. 
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