Kira (shangrilada) wrote in vaginapagina,

Probably the same question as all the n00bs--pregnant?

Hey--I'm new, but I've read a bunch of posts and you seem lovely. A friend booted me over here when I was wtfing all over gmail.

So. I've been on the pill for a few months, after being off for a few months before that when my boyfriend was in college out of state. Now that I'm back on, I'm not a perfect user, I'll admit; I usually remember to take one every day, but I'm not always within the 3-hour window.

Three weeks ago, I went off for the week to have my period, and for some reason (I swear I'm not as stupid as my birth control stories make me sound) I forgot to go back on, and didn't remember until I saw one of those Mirena "Did I take my pill this morning?" commercials. God. So I went back on that Sunday and had sex, no condom, that Thursday night.

I have another week left on the pill until I have my off-week for my next period (I'm so fucked up from skipping those two weeks) but on Sunday night I had some light spotting, and last night (Monday) I started what was either slightly heavier spotting or a very very light period. This morning it's gone.

I also had cramps last night, which I haven't had since starting the pill a few months ago, and a headache. Breast soreness, check, stomachaches, check.

I know that most, if not all, of these things can be symptoms of shitty pill-taking skills. Does that sound like what this is, or does it sound like I'm preggo?

I'm planning to take a test in a week or two anyway, but I'm getting anxious waiting...from what I've read, this is all very early for implantation bleeding, so does anyone have any idea what the fuck is going on in my uterus?

Thanks so much. Seriously.
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