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Toying with withdrawal method

Hello everyone. I'm 22, in a monogamous relationship, and am sure we're both completely free of STDs. My only method of birth control for the past 3 years has been condoms (I'm not comfortable with the Pill due to my family's health history), and I've never had an issue.

I've done lots of research on this matter, including reading past posts in this community. I know that pre-come doesn't usually contain sperm, unless it's residue from a previous ejaculation. Also, my partner and I are very much in tune with each other, with a good deal of sexual self-knowledge on his part. The past few times we had sex, we started off without a condom (making sure he'd peed several times since his last ejaculation) and put one on halfway, well before he was remotely close to orgasm (this might seem like a hassle, but we don't mind at all!).

As it's been a few days since my period ended, I'm moving into my fertile window, and I've thought of going back to using condoms from the very start for increased safety, instead of stopping to put them on halfway. However, I'm wondering if this is even necessary - whether I'm fertile or not doesn't matter if it's true that pre-come doesn't contain sperm, and we continue using the withdrawal method perfectly. As mentioned earlier, we are very careful, but the initial spontaneity and few minutes of skin-to-skin contact are pretty hard to pass up.

My main questions are: are any of you careful, educated users of the withdrawal method? Do you use it alone, or do you combine it with condoms like what I do? How frequently do you practice it? What are your thoughts on my conundrum? With all the bad press that withdrawal gets (and which I've been trawling through online!), I guess I'm looking for some reassurance.
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