Sabby (smokyvelvet) wrote in vaginapagina,

help me understand past sexual abuse. (cut for triggers)

Hi! I'll try to keep this short. I'm currently seeing a woman, long distance. We have been friends for a little while, and things have just started to get past the friendship part. She has never been with another woman, was married but is now divorced. She has seemed reluctant at times, but it didn't seem for the normal reasons. Earlier today, she opened up to me about having been abused by a female family member when she was a pre-teen / early teen. She said that although she feels attraction for women, she's scared of getting in a real situation and having flashbacks or freaking out. I've never personally had to deal with this myself or anyone else, so I'd like some help, resources or something. I tried looking through tags, and the rainn site, but it didn't seem to have exactly what I was looking for. We really like each other and would like to overcome this. This has been 20 -something years ago, if that helps with perspective.
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