Johnny Grey (six_dollar_baby) wrote in vaginapagina,
Johnny Grey

Boob question

So, VPers, this is my first time posting, and it's more about breast health than the vagina, but hope you lovely people will be able to answer my question.

Backstory: i quit smoking last year, and in the process, managed to pack on about 40 pounds. i went from 130 lbs and size 8-10 to 170 lbs and size 14-16 in less than six months. As that happened, by breasts grew along with the rest of me, from 34 B to 40 C.

In December i went on a diet & started working out like crazy. i have lost 25 lbs and am sort of in limbo between size 12 and 10. I feel like i'm at a healthy weight now, could probably stand to lose another five pounds but am not too worried about it.

Of course, when i lost the weight, my breasts decreased. I'm a 38 B now. I have noticed that the bottom halves of my breasts, under the nipples, feel a little...loose may be the word. The skin feels kind of ripply? Is this simply because they've deflated a bit with the weight loss? Has anyone else had this happen? i don't have loose skin anywhere else on my body (or stretch marks, hooray!) and i've never dieted before, so i'm not familiar with what the body goes through when it shrinks.

Thanks, ladies!
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