dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

thanks to everyone...

thanks to everyone who helped last night it was such a relief to know it wasnt a 911 situtation.
Next available apt is early this week so getting her in there asap...

as an aside as an 18 year old woman i had NO idea your lady bits could literally fall out! Totally freaked me out they really should tell women this. Just a few questions then..

Seemig as im 18 and hope that never happens to me i was wondering...

does it only hapen to women who give birth?
Is it hereditary or is it just due to the extent of damamge after childbirth (my mother is 50 btw)
and is there anything i can start doing from a young age to stop this occuring in my 50's?

my mother has a long history of vaginal difficulity after giving bith some 22 years ago but prevention is the best cure right?

thanks again to everyone so happy i found this community!
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