DarkSerena (darkserena) wrote in vaginapagina,

Irritation from sexy times

So my boyfriend and I have been getting more and more sexual, which I'm really happy with! He's the first guy to ever go down on me, and he actually suggests it and seems to enjoy doing it. Buuuuut...

He recently moved out of his mother's house (really bad situation) so he's been staying with me, and we've been going at it every few days (and it would probably be more often if not for a mix of me being tired from work, my roommate being around all the damn time, and him being stressed about legal BS from the move-out). I would LOVE to have MORE sexy times, but it seems that even the amount we're doing it a bit much for me, physically, and I think him going down on me is the culprit?

The first couple times were fine, but the next time I noticed I was pretty dry and irritated a while later. I do get dry some times, so I didn't think much of it, and we went about our business the next day, but the feeling persisted. We didn't do much for another couple days, and I was still feeling dry, and actually feeling a little itchy right around the entrance of my vagina, which has never happened to me before. Once during this few day break I had a lot of white discharge, and I thought maybe it was a yeast infection, but it wasn't "cottage cheese" like, didn't smell like anything but typical me, and didn't come back after I wiped it away.

It seemed to clear up on its own, until I tried masturbating the other day, and then I was dry all over again. Then it seemed to improve after a day or so. We do drink a lot of juice, so I asked him to drink some water before we did anything yesterday, just in case the extra sugars in his mouth were part of the problem. But after a while of oral, I'm back to the beginning; itchy and dry. I actually had to make him stop giving me oral because I could feel myself drying out during. :\

I really really like oral (even if it doesn't seem to solve my lack of partner-orgasms, but that's another story), and would hate to have to stop getting it because of this dryness. But oh man, I cannot STAND being itchy and dry! Could it be an infection (in which case I'm pretty screwed, as I have no insurance and very little money)? Just plain ol' dryness?
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