_crystalmyth (_crystalmyth) wrote in vaginapagina,

How to deal with warts when getting into a new relationship?

So as many of you might know, I caught warts from my partner back in January-ish. I've been dealing with it by going to the doctor and having them use podofilin resin on them (the doctor believes this to be just as effective as freezing or laser treatments), and it's been working better than the trichloracetic acid. I didn't go to my last appointment in June and haven't been back just yet, but I haven't had a major outbreak either. I might have one or two right now.


I wasn't too worried about this whole situation until my partner and I called it quits on Thursday. While I should be working on picking up the pieces...I'm worried about what comes next. I'm insecure enough as it is, and have a hard time when it comes to guys and dating. Now add to that that I have an STD? I feel like tainted goods, and I really can't get past that. I know this happens to 75% of people (or...whatever), but I know that had I known about my partner's outbreaks before I slept with him - I probably never would have.

Am I making any sense here?

I just don't know how to get past this.
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