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HBC Clinical Trial - Simplify

So recently I was contacted by the nurse practitioner of my GYN's office about a clinical trial they are taking part in for a progesterone HBC patch. I believe it's going to be called, "Simplify." I had an initial consult, testing, and I just started my first patch today.

The patch itself is in the third phase of testing at a dosage around 0.4. Prior to this, I have only been on triphasic HBC (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, Tri-Sprintec Loc, Tri-Sprintec, and then finally Ortho Tri-cyclen), and this is a monophasic HBC, which is applied weekly. Also, there is no "placebo" period, and I will be continuously on the medicated patch for 13 full cycles.

I really like and trust my GYN and the nurse practitioner and they've answered all of my questions. Otherwise, of course I am a little nervous about any side effects I might have.

I was wondering if anyone here has heard about this or is part of the clinical trial?

(Also, I decided to chronicle my next year in this clinical trial on journal...)
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