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Missed pill + unprotected sex + sore breasts = ?

At 11:00 AM I had unprotected sex. I normally take my pill everyday at 6:30PM but failed to do so for that day. Before going to bed, near midnight, I felt my breasts were tender and thought it was strange but thought nothing of it. It wasn't until 6:30AM, exactly 12 hours later, that my breasts were even more sore and I remembered I had missed my pill for that evening, thus I took the pill at that moment.

Nevertheless, my concern is that I had sex the same day I missed my pill and that only 6 hours after my missed pill I was already having sore breasts which only got progressively worse.  Additionally, this week I did not take my pill precisely at the same time everyday, on two occasions I was late one and three hours.

Thus my questions are as follows:

I am on Lutera (on my 4th pill pack) and the pamphlet states that if I miss one pill then to take it as soon as I remember and that I may need to take 2 pills the same day, but that I am still protected. However, does that still count since I had unprotected sex the same day a pill was missed?

Why am I having sore breasts  -  is it because of pregnancy or the drop of hormones?

Should I take extensive measures such as EC?

Should I use a back-up method for the following 7 days?

Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it.

EDIT: I wasn't specific enough, my main concern is that the pamphlet states It's unnecessary to use a backup method  AFTER I take my missed pill. But could I be pregnant since I had sex the same day I missed my pill?
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