elephantus45 (elephantus45) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovarian Cysts

Background, relevent or not I don't know-  Two years ago I had a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary via lap.  I was 20 then.  Before I had ovarian cysts frequently but hbc helped to prevent that.  A year and a half ago I got a Paragard, not thinking that it wouldn't help with my cyst prevention (I was just so tired of the migraines from hbc- or so I guessed since I haven't had once since I've been off it).

This past week I'd been having pain on the right side, like the dermoid had been causing, and just my luck I already had an appointment for my annual.  Since I was first in the morning I was able to go straight from the annual to the ultrasound room and there a saw this huge freaking black hole sitting on my ovary.

I'm just kind of freaking out right now.  I don't want to deal with another lap, but I cannot deal with this pain longer as it keeps getting worse (and the poking with the ultrasound wand did not help!) and the fear of it bursting or flipping over and suffocating my poor ovary.  I know that dermoids can come back if they weren't removed in their entirety, but the doctor was fairly certain it was not a dermoid but another cyst (not ovarian though, not sure but its the same she thought when it turned out to be a dermoid).  

Sooo my question is are re-occuring nonovarian cysts common?  In the same side?  Is it just my luck to randomly have two (or three rather) types of cysts on my ovaries?  Can anyone share experiences?

Is there anything I can do for the pain in the meantime?  Advil isn't seeming to help at all.

And I also had good news, I'm getting a Mirena instead of a paragard but I'm not sure when as that got pushed back from the excitment of the huge 5cm black hole on my ovary.
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