bre (lesmoineaux) wrote in vaginapagina,

vaginismus treatment

I went to the gyno today and he said he thinks i have vaginismus. He ordered an ultrasound to make sure i even have a vagina, since he said some women have a cosmetic vagina or something where it doesnt actually go very deep, if at all. or something. So if the ultrasound goes okay...which im hoping it does... he said he'd treat the vaginismus with dilators. He said that the first time he'd give me anesthesia and then open up my vagina and put the dilator in, leave it there for awhile to adjust to the feeling. Which sounds along the lines of the usual treatment i suppose. Thinking about it now, i have some questions for anyone else who has had this/something similar. Does the anesthesia relax the muscles down there? I dont know, i feel like it would still be contracting, i just wouldnt feel the pain. After it wears off, would i still clench really hard? I feel like itd still be painful to have it in there and be clenching on it, or might even slip out from me contracting on it. Is anethesia even a good idea? Im just a little nervous about this!
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