Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean (so_much_udder) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean

more than just breast assymmetry?

Hey everyone! Somehow I came across this website that is similar to VP's Everyday Bodies project in that it shows a wide variety of normal breasts. However, there is also a segment that shows "non-normal" breasts, so that you can know when something is actually wrong. Something that caught my eye was the picture of the tubular hypoplastic breast (NSFW), where the breast is small and tubular, without much glandular tissue, so the woman has difficult breastfeeding. The reason this caught my eye is because my breasts have always been different, about a cup size (one is B, the other A), and the shape of the smaller one is very similar to the picture of the hypoplastic breast. So I was wondering, is it possible to have this condition in only one of your breasts? I guess the reason this concerns me is well, curiosity, but also for a much more shallow reason: apparently they don't really grow during pregnancy. I had always hoped that pregnancy would help fill in the difference, or, make it less noticeable even if they both grew an equal amount. But if it's possible to have one hypoplastic breast then the difference could even be more noticeable, which would be frustrating, since it's already pretty prominent.

Anyway, this ultimately isn't about whether they'll grow during pregnancy, because who can even know if that will happen, and largely, I do like my breasts as they are. But I am curious as to whether it's possible to have this in only one breast...any thoughts?
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