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BC question

Earlier this month, I had a blood test done to make sure my cysts were just cysts. Everything was A-OK. I went back today for more pills and she said my kidney function was low. I asked if it was an infection and she said it wasn't. Something probably to do with stress and I should make sure to drink more water.

I didn't think of it until now but is kidney function linked to BC? I was on BC for 5 years, stopped for 2 years and went back on. I'm on a brand that is similar to ortho-tricyclen. I never had blood tests when I first was on it several years ago so I'm not sure if it affected my kidneys. Since last year with all my problems down there, I've had more blood tests than I can count. That's when it's come up.

Does anyone have any advice or insight? I don't have pain and I stay pretty hydrated (clear pee). I haven't had a UTI since last summer.

Thank you VPers!!!
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