Elizabeth (jajikimbap) wrote in vaginapagina,

Between period spotting

I already did a search on this through the community search thing plus looked through Vulvapedia, but haven't been able to find an answer that deals specifically with my situation.

Earlier today after I did some high intensity cardio at the gym, I came home with strong cramps, I could feel it lower than my belly, which I where I usually feel period cramps. Since period cramps also makes me go poo, that's what I did, lol. When I went to wipe I noticed there was some normal clear discharge plus a spot or two of bright red blood. Alarmed, I wiped again, and out came some stringy, red bloody snot with more spots of blood. I wiped several times and that same, stringy red snot kept on coming out. My cramps went away right after that though.

My last period ended June 28th, my period always comes every 24-28 days with no spotting at all so this came as a bit of a surprise. Cardio has never given me cramps like that before either. I'm not on birth control, so it's not the cause of that, but my husband and I had some pretty rough sex about a week ago :)

Does anyone have any idea if this is just regular spotting or something I should be concerned about? Is it possible that the sex may be causing me to spot? If this spotting keeps up, I'm probably going to see a doctor about it...
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