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Confused and concerned about PMS symptoms.

Hello superstars! I have some questions that I hope I can get answered.

For about a year now, I've been experiencing some strange kind of vertigo/off balance problems and some serious anxiety issues.

Why is this important? In the past few months that I've been living with my boyfriend, he says that my symptoms seem to get a LOT worse right before I get my period.

I end up with the following problems:

-Serious depression, to the point where I feel like I'm going to die. Not suicidal thoughts, just a really strong doom and gloom certainty that I'm going to die.
-Massive panic attacks. I have anxiety in general, but it gets ridiculous during this time.
-Off balance to the point of not wanting to get up and do anything for fear of falling over.
-Some of the time, I end up crying over absolutely nothing, or while I'm watching a TV show.
-Super super tired, sleeping twelve hours and wanting to go back to bed.
-Conversely, I also end up with insomnia, not being able to turn my brain off until I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep and sleep for excessive amounts of time.
-Trouble concentrating, not to the point of being incoherent, but it's noticeable nonetheless.
-Sometimes cramps, sometimes none.
-Small areas of pain in my abdominal area, that usually go away when I pass gas or go to the bathroom.
-Diarrhea, more often then not.

It gets in the way of my life so much so that I don't shower, I barely eat, I don't sleep well, I neglect my relationship, I neglect my house...

All this generally happens a week or so before I get my period, and once my period starts, the symptoms all but disappear. They never go away completely, but they back down to a point where I can go about my life and actually get things done. This wouldn't bother me so much if my periods weren't completely irregular, so I can never tell when I'm going to get my period. I've tried tracking it on an online tracker, which helps a little bit, but I always seem to be surprised by the symptoms regardless. My shortest cycle length was about 22 days, and my longest was 46.

I've been to Planned Parenthood, thinking that maybe it was a hormonal imbalance or something, and I told the doctor my symptoms. She didn't really seem too concerned, and she prescribed me some Lutera to see if that would regulate my period and maybe regulate my symptoms as well. She also wants me to go back and have some blood tests done to check my thyroid and my blood sugar levels. I've been on the BC for a month now, and this past cycle was the worst I've ever had. I started bleeding today, and I'm feeling better already but I still have one active pill to take before the inactive ones. I know it takes about three months for the body to get used to the BC, but I was hoping I would see a more immediate change.

Basically I'm just asking for some support and some advice. What do you think it could be? Is it possible the BC is making it worse, or should I stick it out the three months and see if it gets better?

TIA superstars, you guys rock so hard! :D

ETA: When I was in the office, I had a quick-prick blood test done and the doctor had told me that my iron was high. It had been right after my period ended as well, so I'm fairly certain that it isn't an iron deficiency or anemia.
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